Sunday, September 17, 2006


Unlike a cat on a hot tin roof who struggles to withstand the heat, Joe just lies and lies and lies and tries to be a cool cat that you just love to hate. Just take a look at his most recent television ad. At first, I thought I was watching a promotion for "Thomas, the Tank Engine & Friends" who usually cameo at the Essex Train Station in the Fall. Playful music accompanied serene sequences of nature--interspersed with Joe, of course, trying ever so desperately to hide his narcissitic personality disorder. Only if it were Thomas, that cheeky little engine. Instead, we get Joe doing what he does best: promoting himself in agonizing detail and lying. You know: attacking Ned Lamont for negative ads--blah, blah, blah. That he concluded with the statement he's running because it's not about politics, it's about people conjured up images of a Saturday Night Live parody in the making, with a part Bab Streisand rendition "People" along with a Linda Blair revival of the pea soup puke scene from "The Exorcist."

Check out Joe's high holy lies of Sunday, as documented by David Sirota:


conservative colleague said...

I assume you're referring to the ad where he reads the names of those who have died in Iraq, while touting his well publicized criticisms of the war. I think the ad is in poor taste. Furthermore, Lamont cries just as frequently that Lieberman isn't playing nice with his ads.

sptmck said...

But at least Lamont has fun in his pseudo attack ads this summer--go to "you tube" to check them out.

Give me a break: the Lamont ad was just fine. That nobody--in government--honors the loss and sacrifice of our soldiers is pathetic. At least Lamont made a bold enough move.