Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Madwoman in Alaska

John McCain and the RNC have been very careful in the veiling and unveiling of Sarah Palin.  She was carefully concealed after her coming out party at the RNC, offering the media and the public just a few staged appearances with some lipstick and talking points.  

Her interview with CHARLIE Gibson may, in fact, be her only "real" media interview for now.  The American public may, in fact, have to rely on Tina Fey to satiate their Sarah fix.  The RNC wants to keep her quiet; the interview with Gibson certainly offers testimony to this fact--every time she speaks, her true character slips out. 

Similar to Charlotte Bronte's Bertha "Antoniette" Mason, the RNC's madwoman must be revealed slowly... incompletely... craftily.  Hiding behind the veil of sexism, claiming she has to study up on her foreign policy, stating that she needs to be in control of this new found media frenzy (character double, anyone?), simply proves that John McCain's operatives fear that we might actually get to know her true political and personal self.  

Unfortunately, even Rochester, a man of some education and worldliness was fooled by the shadowy, seductive figure.  

Here's hoping that John McCain's Bertha never gets enough power to burn down our houses.
Luckily for McCain, he'd still have six more to choose from. 


Anonymous said...

Great post! Did you see Fey's Palin spoof on SNL?

Larry said...

I have to admit that I was suckered in by Palin's witty sef-confidence and charm.-Not that I was ever going to vote for McCain anyway.-I'll vote for Obama because of the issues.-I hope that he grows on me as a candiate because there is something about his personality-He doesn't seem to say things from the heart.-Nevertheless-the trickle down theory isn't working for me-too many jobs are overseas and it's time to get any and all Republicans out of the whitehouse for a while.

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