Saturday, December 16, 2006


What the hell is going with George H.W. Bush lately? Frankly, I’ve never had a problem with the man. As I’ve indicated many times before, I prefer his breed of martini-lunch, afternoon golf-playing, diplomatically prone Republican decorum to these asshole neocons. And I had jiminy cricket HIGH hopes that he would rescue us from his shithead of a son—chimpy. But the crying this week and the failure of the Iraq Study Group, the front for father Bush--let’s face it--to move chimpy to do something, has me deeply concerned that we are in the midst of the revenge of the siths, or, in our case: revenge of the shits. Daddy Bush’s latest display, in Japan of all places, involves a comment that indicated he would “beat the hell” out of Hillary should she run for the presidency. Now I know Hillary inspires homicidal tendencies, but come on now: have a martini or two. Chimpy must’ve REALLY fucked-up.


Connecticut Man 1 said...

Nice Blog you have here...

I found my way here off of Caffeinated Geek Girl's links.

You should add a sitemeter (unless you have an invisible one?) and some technocrati tools to track visits and links. Just a suggestion. :)

IC said...

This just proves the old adage: When George H. W. Bush visits Japan, something really f'n funny is going to happen.