Monday, October 01, 2007

A Vegas Marriage


Have you ever heard the same story again and again and again, and the only difference is the person telling you the story? That’s how I feel lately as educators are having the same conversation with one another: the honeymoon period is long over with our “new” students and we suddenly realize that, in some cases, we are in b-a-d relationships. Let’s face it: with certain students, if we had the power to divorce or annul, we would squash our Vegas marriages—these bad relationships we initially had high hopes for that suddenly we find ourselves wallowing in—quicker than Britney’s been ordered to give her kids back to K-Fed—the latest mainstream media rage.

Many of the educators I know—mostly secondary and post secondary—know what I’m talking about, the reality that the Columbus Day or Fall break couldn’t come soon enough. But the break we really want is not from the teaching profession itself; it’s from our students' lame-as* excuses, which seem to get worse each year and range from the conventional, “my dog sh*t on and then ate my homework”; to the rather stupid, “ professor so-so, would you give me directions to your office because I will be late in turning in yet another late paper?”; to the truly, f*cking absurd, “even though I’ve shown up to 1 of the 10 classes so far and submitted nothing, do I still stand a chance of passing?” I kid you not.

So as we educators fantasize about “ending” our Vegas relationships with these hideous trolls; as we find ourselves routinely saying, “you can’t make this sh*t up;” as we may—especially if you’re new to the profession and an idealist of sorts—consider a “marriage” counseling intervention, we can take comfort in the saying that “nothing lasts forever” and that a Vegas marriage can end as quickly as it began.


Anonymous said...

Is this ATM here? Of course it is. Praise on sister! Grades are due today in my neck of the woods and I can here my seniors now (but I can't get a D/F, my parents will kill me) You should have thought about that when you played Halo 3 or shopped at the mall for 10 hours as opposed to doing your homework sucka!

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how embarassing for a teacher to leave a comment here who doesn't know the difference between "here" and "hear."

Anonymous said...

Wow, preivous, anonymous comment "person," you are a passive agressive troll. Could you be more transparent?

Anonymous said...

Wow 2nd previous anon. person, could you be any more stupid. It is obvious that the 1st anon. poster when re: to the word "here", he/she meant here as in is the blogger present, not "hear" as in is the blogger listening.

Go back to grade school with your childish, playground antics and brush up on the basic meaning of things.

atm said...

I have been watching this little exchange with some interest.

As a connoisseur of mountain trolls in general, I would strongly suggest that, next time, anonymous #2 should just pony up and attach his or her name to the inane trollish comment.

Are you scared or something?

Former WHS Student said...

Oh no, look, all the teachers got in a bitch fight over grammar!!! HAHAHA