Saturday, August 23, 2008

Image & The Joe Biden Pick


Sure, Joe Biden brings a great deal to an Obama-Biden ticket. Biden brings all those years of working in D.C., extensive knowledge about foreign affairs, and a long record of working with respected colleagues and dreaded trolls from the dark side of the moon. But let’s face it, folks: Uncle Joe also brings his big mouth, which, at times, suffers from chronic, verbal diarrhea. Also Uncle Joe, as much as I like the guy and agree with the choice, brings some mess-ups from yore that will probably resurface for a cycle or two in the media smear machine.

The most important element, though, that Biden brings to the ticket involves image dynamics. The elder, grey-haired Biden helps to neutralize those skeptics (and thought-disordered folks) that think Senator Obama is too young or too inexperienced for the job. Moreover, the rather lively, you-talk-too-much-and-sometimes-you-never-shut-up Joe serves as an effective contrast to Senator McCain who frequently comes off as tired, as slow-moving, as tripping over his tele-prompted words, and, quite frankly, as old. And by no means do I mean disrespect to Senator McCain who has heroically served our country with distinction. This is why I suspect that the ever dapper, the ever sexy locks, porn-star-named Mitt Romney will do image justice to a McCain ticket.

The fact of the matter is that far too many Americans are NOT willing to educate themselves. They avoid learning policy differences, how to vote in their best interests, and what matters most to their futures and the future of their country. The medium is the massage, after all. Image dictates a lot more than meets the eye, and in this presidential race image might even matter more.


Femme Fatale said...

Great post - the evidence of Biden's "foot in mouth" disease was playing on national news s of 7AM.

Do you agree that by picking Biden, a once staunch advocate of Hilary, Obama will soothe the Clinton supporters and solidify the Dems?

I also think you are dead on re: Romney.

sptmck said...

Yes--picking Biden also means soothing some of--not all--the Clintonistas. And get ready for BIG MITT--bump-didi-bump, bump.

Anonymous said...

Boy you leftist are amazing, I hope that all these rich people and corporations go somewhere that you can't touch them, then we will see what you think then. Our great country will be gone, (no thanks to you) I wonder where you will be when there is no support or employment opportunities for your ilk. People like me and most good Americans who work hard and play by the rules will be making our own place away from people like you.

Larry said...

I'm fine with Biden as long as they win.-I'd hate to look back and say if only he had picked hillary he would have won.