Friday, August 08, 2008

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That"

“Not That’s There’s Anything Wrong With That”

In trying to set the record…straight about his personal life, in an episode of Seinfeld Jerry insists to the interviewer that he’s not gay, “not that’s there anything wrong with that.”

I’ve found myself using “NTTAWWT” or a permutation of “NTTAWWT” many times recently when hearing reports from friends and co-workers about people they know and the…interesting sexual practices people have—“NTTAWWT.”

Honestly, I’m not a prude or trying to be a prude—“NTTAWWT.” Nor am I trying to be the morality police— we all know there is something “WWT.” So for my straight readers, my gay readers, and my gray readers, this entry isn’t so much about sexual orientation or identity as it is about why I’ve being saying “NTTAWWT” or something similar lately.

M., an IT guru, tells me that the company he works for requires him not so much to spy on workers and their computer use, but, more practically, to protect the system from viruses, harmful downloads, and potential problems from Internet traffic. M. reports that he has been witness to numerous extra-marital correspondence, sometimes hetero, sometimes homo—“NTTAWWT”; group sex solicitation and participation—there DEFINITELY IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS; and pay per view porn use on company computers, during company time—there IS TRULY SOMETHING SOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG [AND STUPID] WITH THAT.

CR, an educator I know, informs me that a police officer who works in the local schools is pretty open with the staff about how he and his wife “swing” with other people—of the same and opposite sex—there is something incredibly “WWT.” Another education friend of mine tells me one of her teacher colleagues was arrested for pleasuring himself in public and it’s pretty public about what he did…to himself—there’s MOST DEFINTIELY something “WWT.”

Now these are just a few among a ½ dozen "WWT" tales I’ve heard over the past couple of months. Look, what people want to do (and whom they do it with) in their private lives is their business, providing that things are consensual and harmless, of course. In my mind, there is totally nothing “WWT.” However, when people start Larry Craig—ing publicly all over the place there does seems to be something wrong with this low-level (or high level) pattern of exhibitionist behavior. Is it me, or there is something very, very “WWT?” Conscious minds want to know.


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