Wednesday, October 01, 2008

TO FAKE OR NOT TO FAKE?—That is the question.

TO FAKE OR NOT TO FAKE?—That is the question.

No, this is not a Carrie Bradshaw inspired entry—if only.  Rather, it’s a 1% more conscious consideration of what Governor Sarah Palin didn’t do in her latest go-round with Katie Couric:  FAKE IT.  

When pressed by Couric about which “newspapers and magazines” the governor reads, the ever troubled Palin couldn’t even resort to what most 8th graders have now since perfected:  providing a fake answer.  This is a HUGE problem—don’t you think?  Instead of rescuing herself once again from the precipice of mass embarrassment, dumb-dumb Sarah belly-flopped off the high-dive because she couldn’t name one source—who cares if she were to tell the truth?  I mean, make up something—The Juneau Jump; lie your rimmed glass as@ off—The National Review; go porno—“The Penthouse Letters;” say something—The Wall Street Journal; Sarah, for heaven’s sake—F A K E   IT:   Newsweek. 

In her dizzying gibberish, the best Sarah could offer was that she reads a “vast variety” of news sources.  That silly Sarah couldn’t offer one title—just one—from this “vast variety” says a great deal; that she couldn’t or wouldn’t FAKE IT sadly says so much more.  


The Anti-Couric said...

I was thinking about this and I figure her constituents don't want to hear she reads The New York times, since that's for liberals and gays. But if she said Christian Science Monitor the moderates might think she was even more of a religious nut-job than they already assume. She probably just should have she gets her news from Jon Stewart. Most of America can relate to that, I think.

sptmck said...


JollyRoger said...

I dunno, man-she sure did a good job with that pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

would katie couric asked obama what newspapers he reads? i doubt it

sptmck said...

Would Katie Couric [have] asked Obama what newspapers he reads? No, because she doesn't need to.