Monday, October 20, 2008



Thanks to the John McCain/Sarah Palin supporters who condemned the extremist FREAKS at a McCain/Palin rally recently.  This is unreal.

These FREAKS were not only anti-Muslim, they were also anti-reality.  See for yourself; follow this link and scroll down for the video.  


Anonymous said...

I am glad you said something about - i began a post several times regarding the other racists at McCain/Palin rallies across the country, only to give up when I felt my head may explode from anger.
It is nice to see that not everyone is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Your blog subtitle objectively boasts, "Committed to making us all at least 1% more conscious about education, national politics, CT politics, and culture," and that is, indeed, a noble goal.

However, of its eight posts, one is anti-extremism (Oct. 20), five are anti-Sarah Palin, one is anti-John McCain, and one is anti-McCain/Palin '08. Can you please find something negative to say about Obama? Don't get me started on Biden, either... if you haven't found anything bad to say about him, then you clearly haven't been looking hard enough.

Anyway, perhaps you should consider either being a bit more objective in your analysis (read: degradation) of political candidates, or just simply change its name. Your blog's sole goal appears to be making us 100% more conscious about the Democratic Party's objectives.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing. Talk about considerations: it seems like you might want to consider intensive psychotherapy.


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