Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wherefore Art Thou, Ugly Betty?


How ironic: as a plane sinks into the Hudson, a misfortune clearly visible to many Manhattanites, we are once again held captive, for at least one more time, by George Bush’s 9/11 meta-narrative addiction in more ways than one.

For it came as no surprise, then, that approximately 5 minutes into his farewell to arms speech, broadcast on all major networks this evening—as would be the wish of a narcissist in chief, George couldn’t help invoke 9/11. His presidency began on 9/12/01, after all. And from that point on, second nature had George exploit, spin, and interweave 9/11 narratives to his advantage. Hell, he got us into two wars because of what a 9/11 tapestry of stories could offer.

That the White House recently published an on-line list of all the terrorist attacks Mr. Bush supposedly prevented proves just how much our 9/12 president developed a dope show addiction to the 9/11 narrative, and for all the wrong reasons.

But as George graces the television screen for a 2009 version of mission accomplished, NO ONE really cares. Rather, as my wife has duly noted, we are more concerned about next week’s inauguration—Thank God—and, quite frankly, our regularly scheduled television programming.

Which brings me to the question: wherefore art though, Ugly Betty, when we need you most?


Anonymous said...

Great post and I was UPSET to say the least that a president that did nothing but feed his own ego while in office pushed the Latina delight of the schedule for the evening. Ay Carumba!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a new post. Hope you start posting again!

Connecticut Man1 said...

Yay! Does this mean 1% is close to 100% back after changing a few thousand diapers? :)

JollyRoger said...

The whole of the Republican Party only has Jesus and 9/11 left as props. They've pretty much destroyed any credibility they ever had on issues like fiscal conservatism, less intrusive Government, or personal responsibility.

IC said...

And since Jesus would never be a Republican, that only leaves 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness HIS whole episode is over! Now how do we fix what he broken, and just WHO'S keeping tabs anyway?

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Anonymous said...

Bush and his 9/11 exploitation was the base for his reelection. Saying that, his platform for Bush to think that he was acting in the best interest for the United States . It shows in poor taste and poor professionalism to try to take the shine from inauguration.