Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"INSTEAD OF WONDERING WHEN WE ARE GOING TO BE ATTACKED, MAYBE WE NEED TO THINK HARDER ABOUT WHY THESE TERROISTS WANT TO ATTACK US." This was an observation Amy made as we were both watching that asshole Rudy Giuliani pontificate about national security on Larry King Live. In light of the recent developments in today's news, I am updating this post because people HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!! It's a true eye-opener. Back to Rudy: now Larry has Arnold phone in. Excuse my cynicism, but this is becoming a bit much.

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

This is a must read. If you want to gain a greater understanding of America's role in the world, if you want to learn more about why we have conflicts with so many countries, if you want to develop a true understanding of terrorism, then you have to read this book. A work of non-fiction, it reads like a spy novel. John Perkins, the author, reviews his life work as an economic hit man and explains to the reader why he became one per cent more conscious. Check it out.

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