Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Just like at the Bush campaign speeches, the attendees at the Joe Lieberman/Bubba gig were carefully monitored. You all remember that when chimpy stumps, the audience is selected; it's never open to the public. That's right (no pun intended): only the very loyal could attend. Anyone known to be on the "other side" is not welcomed and usually turned away, if one so dares to approach the event.

To get tickets to the Joe/Bubba gig, one not only had to apply; one also had to give his/her social security number. Yeah. That probably had to do with a "secret service" check, given that Bubba is a former president and needs legitimate protection. So when the bloggers Spazeboy and Jane Hamsher applied and received tickets, they were rather stunned when they were attempting to be admitted and presented their tickets only to have a Lieberman staffer tear a ticket apart and tell them that they werenot welcomed. Hmm. Joe continues to seem like Bush in more ways than one. Check out the video at My Left Nutmeg blog: http://www.myleftnutmeg.com/frontPage.do

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