Thursday, April 26, 2007


And Your Plan Is?
I have problems with the three forerunners in the race for the Republican primary, but the one thing I am glad about is their solidarity concerning the war in Iraq. In spite of any misinformation that led to our initial involvement, we’re there. We have troops on the ground and a teetering Iraqi government. We cannot withdraw this week or probably even before the 2008 election.

Do those politicians who are attempting to force the President’s hand by cutting funds for the war or setting dates for withdrawal have a plan? If we leave Iraq prematurely, that area will become a center for terrorists with a grudge against America. America cut out of Vietnam early, another retreat will only embolden the enemies of our country. And to be pragmatic that area of the world is important to us: oil. It would be nice if we weren’t dependent on it, and we should be working towards this goal, but we are not there yet.

The Iraqi people will also suffer. Saddam was not convicted and executed for no reason and the Al-Qaeda or a radical Islamic group posed to jump in after our retreat will not be an improvement.

How can anyone argue with Lieberman, who I don’t love by any measure, and his statement over the 170 Iraqi civilians killed in suicide bombing last week? “If such an atrocity had been perpetrated in the United States, Europe or Israel, our response would surely have been anger at the fanatics responsible and resolve not to surrender to their barbarism.”


Connecticut Man 1 said...

The Republic party diehard wingnuts keep saying:

"Those loony left wing Democrats are crazy because they want to surrender and withdraw from Iraq while we are on the verge of glorious victory."

What do the American people hear when the far right wingnuts are talking?

"Those ... Democrats ... want to withdraw from Iraq"

And Joe and Suzy Sixpack think to themselves "Great!"

Keep talking. You are driving the stake into the heart of the Republic party. heh

It especially sounds loony when you say the Iraqis will suffer. WTF do you think it is like over there now? An Indiana market? PUHLEEEZ!

Via Riverbend at Baghdad Burning:

"I always hear the Iraqi pro-war crowd interviewed on television from foreign capitals (they can only appear on television from the safety of foreign capitals because I defy anyone to be publicly pro-war in Iraq). They refuse to believe that their religiously inclined, sectarian political parties fueled this whole Sunni/Shia conflict.


I remember Baghdad before the war- one could live anywhere. We didn't know what our neighbors were- we didn't care. No one asked about religion or sect. No one bothered with what was considered a trivial topic: are you Sunni or Shia? You only asked something like that if you were uncouth and backward. Our lives revolve around it now. Our existence depends on hiding it or highlighting it- depending on the group of masked men who stop you or raid your home in the middle of the night.

On a personal note, we've finally decided to leave.


The problem is that we don't even know if we'll ever see this stuff again. We don't know if whatever we leave, including the house, will be available when and if we come back. There are moments when the injustice of having to leave your country, simply because an imbecile got it into his head to invade it, is overwhelming. It is unfair that in order to survive and live normally, we have to leave our home and what remains of family and friends… And to what?

It's difficult to decide which is more frightening- car bombs and militias, or having to leave everything you know and love, to some unspecified place for a future where nothing is certain.

People like bush and Lieberman are the cause of all of this. They are the barbarians. If you support those idiots and their failed policy, then you are a barbarian too.

I am sorry that you don't realize it yet. But the rest of the American public is well ahead of the curve on this.

Kindel said...

I don't believe we are on the verge of a "glorious victory," nor am I sure if we should have entered Iraq to begin with. What I object to is this blind belief that we should ignore the situation we've created in Iraq and withdraw. You are right, in many ways the country is worse off now than it was before we arrived. We have an obligation to pick up after ourselves and like a good boy scout leave the situation better than when we arrived. I don't see a glorious victory or even a completely stable government at the end of this, but I believe that the violence in Iraq isn't going to disappear if we retreat and the potential for even worse leaders than Saddam to take over is great. Iit would be immoral to leave Iraq in its current condition. Does this make me a barbarian?