Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's about 2008

It’s about 2008

As Captain LIEberman, formerly Oedipus Lieberman, formerly Joe Lieberman, Republicrat from CT, fantasizes about going nuclear in India, George Bush loses his brain. Who knows what will happen next, especially considering that Bush’s brain is also known as a turd?

But Rove’s departure should come as no surprise. It’s real simple: what do you with your party’s best campaign strategist when you have a president whose approval ratings—ooh…ah—hover in the high 20s to mid 30s and there’s no “clear” frontrunner emerging, despite rumors that troll-looking Fred Thompson can work some Hogwarts magic? Send in Rove, Karl Rove.

Sure, the media can fixate on and speculate about Rove’s departure. Pundits can and will buy into the lame excuse that blossom wants to spend time with his family—and I’m a staffer at The National Review. But the obvious reason for Rove’s timely exit stage to Texas is to get ready for 2008. That became abundantly evident in his interview for The Wall Street Journal and during his guest spot on the Rush Limbaugh show. And what better way to ceremoniously yet symbolically reveal his plans than to call Hillary a “fatally flawed candidate.” I have to admit: I do like it that Hillary is channeling her inner Pat Benatar and hitting back.

It’s about 2008, stupid! No doubt, like the hand at the end of Carrie, Karl Rove will be back.


Steve said...

Do you really think the next election will make a difference?

The Dems are cooperating in expanding executive power to the detriment of civil liberties (can't tie Hill's hands if she gets the big round office in '08) and they hide their heads in the sand when the subject of Iraq comes up...

So what, objectively, will change?

sptmck said...

Not much. And just because Hillary is channeling her inner rocker does NOT MEAN I'm thrilled about her candidacy.

IC said...

Sptmck, your conclusion is 100% correct. Someone's gotta worry about the ninth year of a Republican White House. Working for lame duck President Bush is limited power for Rove and the Republicans.

JollyRoger said...

Der Rovesmarschall is going to team up with Skeletor for sure, but it appears that his style of "campaigning" may have just about run its course.

Anonymous said...

You're a fucking idiot and a racist to boot. Obama is a way better choice than that sneaky bitch and her sneaky bitch husband who after all, cost the Democrats the 2000 election in the first place. Read up chump. If you think Hillary is anything other than what we already have than you're as stupid as your blog.