Wednesday, August 09, 2006


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It is particularly stunning to me how Lieberman handled all of this. Unlike the good mayor of Stamford, Dan Malloy, who conceded with grace and dignity, Senator Lieberman put on a dismaying display of hubris, psychosis, and silliness last night during his concession--reality--/victory--Joe's reality--speech. Again, I thought of Oedipus Rex; sorry, I teach literature for a living. And what a heinous Oedipus Lieberman makes: unwilling to accept reality, unwilling to play by the rules, willing to consider himself above it all, and willing to be dangerous to democracy. I suppose if he loses in November he will discard the results and declare that Connecticut should not have 2 senators and only one?????@#?

On a more positive note, I was impressed (hold your breaths for a moment) with the commentary by Chris Matthews, the host of spitball and a show in his own name. Apparently, Matthews gets it: he said that while the Iraq war was the main issue, he had heard from reliable sources that Lieberman has been long out-of-touch with Connecticut, its voters, and its Democratic leaders. In fact, Matthews contended that many Connecticuters told him that they felt they had to go to Dodd to get things done.

Your thoughts/analyses? Have a great day.

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Amy said...

It is true that Chris Matthews spent a few hours in New Haven and seemed to have a greater sense of reality concerning the will of the CT voters. While Lieberman is spending his morning on various programs, he sets his stance for "Round 2" against Ned. This is all well and good, but we still have yet to hear from his good friends, the Congressional Dems. Joe seems to be willing to say anything right now to come out as a scrapper in the boxing ring. However, when the big guns pull their support, we'll all see what happens to all this bravado. I think the ultimate result will be that he does in fact drop out of the race, despite all of this morning TV grandstanding. It's funny that the "morning after" is a bit reflective of what his service in the Senate has become- The Joe Show. What about the voters? The record turnouts? The winner and new Democratic nominee, Ned Lamont???