Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Below is a blog I posted to Eric Alterman's latest entry at Huffingtonpost, in which he emphasizes that the Lieberman/Lamont race is about CT, not the DC establishment.

Thank you, Eric--it is just Connecticut. I cannot read/hear one more D.C. establishment Dem. (especially those goons from the DLC) or other D.C. establishment person call this race the left takeover, or blog takeover of the party. Far too many have been mesmerized by the liberal myths of David Brooks et al. Scores of people, from the disgruntled employees at EB to college-aged students to public school teachers to former friends and colleagues of Lieberman himself are supporting Lamont. And we aren't channeling Karl Marx to execute our "liberal inquisition." Truly inane--get real.The bottom line is: Senator Lieberman has been a negligent politician (stories abound about how he & his offices have virtually ignored constituent concerns); Senator Lieberman has pandered far too often--not just to Repbulicans--but to the far right and their culture warriors; and Senator Lieberman, time and time again, has displayed an ugly hubris (he doesn't like to be questioned or challenged--just ask Colin McEnroe) that clashes with the reality we people Connecticut have witnessed for years. I don't think a quickly organized CT bus drive-by is going to undo what has been done. Perhaps Senator Lieberman should have done this long before. It is just CT--maybe Senator Lieberman should recognize this.

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