Saturday, August 12, 2006

Oedipus Lieberman & (Dis)unity

Something strange is happening here. Now that the voters in the CT primary have decisively expressed their wills; now that many of the heavy hitters in the Democratic party have given their endorsements to Ned Lamont; now that Oedipus Lieberman has been essentially fired from his job, and, in turn, has fired his campaign staff, which readers of this blog have noted; Joe wants to shift attention from his obvious psychotic torpor to a campaign based on "unity." Maybe it's me, but this has to be the biggest act of desperation since Dick Cheney said in 2005 that the insurgency in Iraq was in its last "throes."

So let's review: around July 4th this year, when Joe Lieberman announced that he would, in fact, seek an independent run should he lose to Lamont, was he thinking about unity then? Was Joe Lieberman thinking about unity when Ned Lamont, at practically the same time, said he would unequivocally support the three term Senator should he win the primary? When Joe Lieberman, in December 2005, criticized--this one always amazes me--fellow Democrats who criticized President Bush on his handling of the Iraq war, was he thinking of unity then? During Barbara Boxer's campaign against Condoleezza Rice's nomination for secretary of state in January 2005, when senator Lieberman joined the bandwagon of the republican motto--"elections have consequences," was he thinking about unity at this time? Perhaps Senator Lieberman thought of unity when he, granted, along with a few other senate Democrats, voted to censure President Clinton in 1998 because of his extra-marital affair. Maybe true democrat Joe thought of unity when he considered how Joe Courtney, Chris Murphy, and Diane Farrell might be impacted by his decisions in their bids to unseat repbulicans in their congressional races. Maybe Joe thought of unity when he pondered how his actions and words after the primary would have a seismic effect on the other Democratic candidates in CT. Or just maybe not. Unity? You've got to be kidding me.

Either Joe Lieberman has a basic reading comprehension problem with the word "unity," or, unfortunately, he just ashamedly assumes that we are as stupid as he would hope we would be.

Joe's clearly not about unity; he's clearly not about the Democratic party and their candidates; he's clearly not about CT and its constituents at large; and he's obviously all about himself--true, in this belief, despite his recent manifestations of a multiple personality disorder, he is, in fact, unified.

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