Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ROCKY HORROR PICTURE JOE: Where's he going to with that gun in his hand?

Well, Joe isn't exactly homicidal, as Hendrix saw it in his famous song, in a literal sense. However, symbolically, he is causing all sorts of conflict, angst, and political horror in the Democratic Party in his megalomaniacal quest to retain power. And he dares to market himself as the politician of unity. You've got to be kidding me? Can we all do our impressions of Linda Blair in The Exorcist now?

At this point, Lieberman's campaign is beginning to resemble the theater of the absurd, and I cannot believe he is getting away with this indignant behavior. So while Joe preaches about unity, and the mainstream media has its grieving process, which is pathetic, let's review how the unifier gets away with it:

1. During the lead-up to the primary, Oedipus Lieberman had temper tantrum after temper tantrum, declaring that he is, in fact, a "true democrat." OK, then why not abide by the results of the primary? Why, after the primary, buddy up with your republican friends like twins separated at birth? Why not show some dignity and endorse Lamont, like he would have done for you had you won the primary? Because Joe is a horror, a modern day Cyclops ready to eat his own.

2. After the primary, Oedipus Lieberman, knowing full well what his wrath would bring, has now left most Democrats in the--let's face it--awkward position of either getting behind Lamont, which they should, or supporting Lieberman. That's a UNITER for you. In fact, I hear the tune of "We are the world, we are the people" while Joe has us all hold hands. Can I get an Amen?

3. After the primary, Oedipus Lieberman has gone Code Red, employing that GOP trick of: if you don't agree with me, you are DEFINITELY DOING DOPE with Osama-has-not-been-found-by-Bush and planning the latest terroist attack. Can YOU believe this shit?

4. After the primary, Oedipus Lieberman has gone on to attack several politicians from Maxine Waters to..get this...Bernie Sanders from Vermont--a true independent, the very thing Joe is not. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, Joe, is the most horrific of them all."

5. After the primary, a Swift Boat Group, called Vets for Freedom, which has been bankrolled by people in the White House and the GOP, has made its"target Lamont" death wish known. The horror, the horror!

6. After the primary, tonight--in fact, Alan Schlesinger, the republican candidate, whom no republican except John McCain has endorsed, appeared on Hardball bascially to admit that he is rather preplexed WHY he is not getting any support. Poor Alan: he looked like a person who had to contend with brutal horror that everyone and their grandmother knows he has been cheated on and with whom

Folks, if there's any DOUBT THAT ROCKY HORROR JOE is heinous and horrid, and not A TRUE DEMOCRAT, there's your evidence. Share this with your friends, who, may be divided over whether or not to support the...uniter.

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Anonymous said...

Joe is awful. He is a desperate man. But Lamont needs to come back swinging.