Monday, January 15, 2007

You can't make this stuff up. Read the transcript.
Did the planets line up yesterday? Was there some meteor shower of sorts? Perhaps the WMD were, in fact, found? Nah. Between Captain Lieberman's pathetic show on Meet the Press and Chimpy's prime time--a rarity, indeed--declaration of "Educator-in-Chief" on 60 minutes--no wonder test scores are down, I feel like we are in the midst of some sort of "end-of-days" prophecy.

Did Capt. Lieberman and Chimpy forget to take their meds.? Or should we take ours to dull the pain? Whatever you do:
you might need something to get yourself through this transcript. Do yourself a favor: check it out and check out the DailyKos for more commentary.


IC said...

Did you see Hagel completely dismantle Lieberman's sermon? It was a thing of beauty. It's not often I root for a Republican over a "Democrat," but this was one of those times.

sptmck said...

Well, Hagel has a pair. Read my entry below: I'm mulling over another entry on the issue of balls.