Wednesday, January 03, 2007

M a c b u s h

Chimpy and his administration are resembling Macbeth and his insanity more and more with each passing day. We’ve moved from the end of Act IV to the beginning of Act V, folks. And it’s not looking good at all.

Today’s editorial in none other than the Wall Street Journal is particularly psychotic. Obviously grappling with the fact that HE is responsible for his party’s election losses this past November, Chimpy publishes a well-written essay—shocker, I know—I didn’t claim he wrote it, which seems more like a conversation he should have with a therapist rather than with the American people.

For those of us who have been enduring this political tragedy while on the edge of our seats, the ironies once again continue to abound--and amaze. From calling for “common ground” to appealing to the other side with a disingenuous “together,” from making the absurd claim that his principles are “no secret” and that he dislikes the “secretive process” to yet again conflating the operation in Iraq with 9/11, from praising “our tax cuts”—yeah, right—to hallucinating about a balanced budget in…2012, from suggesting reform for “Social Security” to warning congress not to pass bills to make “political statements”—how about that Terri Schiavo cabaret number, there, Georgey?, Chimpy has evidently lost his mind.

Perhaps the most seismic irony here is that we just witnessed the passing of a dignified leader in President Gerald R. Ford only to be subjected to the indignant behavior of George W. Macbush.

But Just like Macbeth who, on the brink of his own self-induced demise, fails to grip the emerging realities of “Birnam Wood” and “No Man Born of Woman,” Chimpy fails to heed the warnings of the Baker Group that No More American Men or Women should be left to die.


Connecticut Man 1 said...

OK... Now I got down as far as him wanting a line-item veto... And I nearly fell off of my chair laughing.

What American will ever give that batshit loopy prez a line-item veto. Though, him asking for it is like admitting his signing statements are meaningless. lol

sptmck said...

I know. I can't believe they think we're that stupid.

IC said...

I can't blame them for thinking we're that stupid. Election 2004 comes to mind.

Still, we're in agreement. His waned political capital is appararent to both parties, both houses. Sooner or later, high ranking Republicans will be walking into the Oval and saying to the President: "We are not allowing you to further ruin the party. Now you listen, and you listen good."

And they'll try their damnest to get President Bush pushing for a redeployment or withdrawal. And what he does then is anybody's guess.