Monday, May 07, 2007

Outrage of the Week

Is there anybody OUT THERE?

The study of history can teach us many things. We can gain perspective, knowledge, and in some cases, even wisdom. After Hurricane Katrina, lots of talk occurred about emergency response in the face of natural disasters. Lots of talk, apparently, and little action. This is obvious for anyone that has visited the Gulf Coast region even well over a year after Katrina and Rita ravaged the area.

Is there anybody out there? Have we learned from mistakes that have left a gaping wound in that part of our country? Nope. As evident in the tornado that hit in Greensburg, Kansas, emergency response is still lacking. The problem this time? The recovery equipment is "deployed elsewhere" in Afghanistan and Iraq.

How many more weather related disasters must occur before we can gain perspective, knowledge, and even wisdom? There is no clear and justifiable reason why we don't have the resources to help these areas adequately.

Rage-o-meter: 9


Anonymous said...

Just browsing the net.

Connecticut Man 1 said...

"Rage-o-meter: 9"

The first time around (Katrina) it merited a nine. But repeating the same failures at home for all of the same reasons seems to merit a perfect RAGING storm of 10, IMHO.