Saturday, May 05, 2007


Parallel Universe

My wife and I are big fans of Lost. Two of our colleagues, the bloggers—ballsy femme fatale and conservative & proud kindel, got us hooked last fall. And we are addicted. So are countless others—pun intended.

My “magnum” brother-in-law, a quasi-conservative whom I had to practically bang over the head with a drumstick last Thanksgiving—he was trying to defend narcissistic Oedipus Lieberman, shortly before Oedipus morphed into Captain Lieberman—tells us that there’s a “parallel universe” theory circulating the blogsophere, which would partly explain the events and phenomena of Lost; I’ve got nothin’ but “penny” love for you, JT. My “Lost” experts, though, insist that that’s not the case.

The jury might still be out on the parallel universe theory on Lost; however, the jury is in on the parallel universe in America: there are TWO AMERICAS. While some of us yearn to remain grounded in reality, OTHERS are being sucked via a wormhole into a fake-news universe, including most of the GOP Presidential contenders and the Republican Party.

Thursday night’s debate was a freak show and an utter disgrace to the dignity and statesmanship of what President Ronald Reagan represented—appreciate him or not. It’s too bad that these contenders desperately invoked his name countless times, a subliminal admission, a haunting refrain conveying that the Republican Party has LOST its way and much of America. Aside from the good Congressman Ron Paul, who was the only rational one of the bunch and the only Republican on-stage sincerely attempting to evoke the spirits of Reagan and conservative patriarch Senator Barry Goldwater, these contenders insulted—directly or indirectly—most Americans, including fellow Republicans.

From Nosferatu Giuliani’s flip-flopping on everything from abortion to national security, to porn-star named Mitt Romney’s Aldous Huxley segue into science-fiction and cloning, masking his own flip-flopping on issues and his latent contempt for Hillary Clinton’s hair colorist, from McCain’s pathetic, Viagra-induced charge that he would follow Osama-Bin-Gone to the “gates of hell,” to the non-log cabin homophobia and vehement contempt towards science (didn’t they look to see Nancy Reagan and Governor Terminator in the front row?), these candidates—with the exception of Paul—have boldly shown that the GOP has LOST its way.

This is not the party of my maternal grandmother—bless her soul. This is not the party of many conservatives and Republicans whom I know and respect, who believe in fiscal responsibility, limited government, PRIVACY, morals and values, and dignity. This is not the party of Reagan and Goldwater, conservative torchbearers with some sort of conscience and vision.

In this parallel universe of no real news, no conscience, no dignity—that many of them blatantly insulted a living, out-of-office president—President Clinton—was pathetic, no acknowledgment of reality here, there, or any where—in Iraq, in the middle class, or in the 21st Century for that matter, no clear understanding of what it means to be a conservative, Republican, Democrat—yes, we have our pull-down menu of identity problems, liberal, moderate, it’s obvious that as a nation we are certainly LOST. The question is, though: how do we jettison ourselves out of this parallel universe without getting stuck in a…wormhole?


IC said...

Man, you brought the HEAT today. This was excellent and I couldn't agree with the sentiment more.

Anonymous said...

Here's the question: Could you be more witty and intelligent?

Answer: I think not.

PS Re: Lost...I think this week we'll be meeting whois REALLY behind the "shenanigans" on the crazy island of Lost. As I have said, Ben (aka Henry Gale) is so NOT the leader of the crazy ol' Others. He is playing Goebbels to someone's Hitler. Stay tuned and keep the faith

Femme Fatale

sptmck said...

And again--Thanks for getting lost!!!!

Connecticut Man 1 said...

I must admit that I have never watched Lost. I prefer comedy and action/adventure movies, but I am not very big on TV shows beyond Scrubs and the news.

The problem with these politicians is that they still play by yesterday's playbook, and the internet and modern media has changed all of the rules.

They are all trying to show us what they will never be, and ain't nobody buyin'.

Down below kindel says that "It won’t be until after the primary season when they start catering to the non-registered Republicans that the real positions are clarified."

Wishful thinking. Why? Because their positions were all pretty clear before they started fakin' it. They have all been "Technorati tagged" all across the internet on nearly every issue and vote. Nothing they say or do now, or going into the elections can change the Republic party hopes in light of the publics mood and their view of the failed GOP.

I really think we may be watching the death of the GOP. They would have to purge damn near two thirds of the party just to bring them back towards the mainstream and even then only a handful of them would still be considered somewhat moderate.