Monday, May 21, 2007

Outrage of the Week

Family Values?

With a 2008 election season seemingly in full swing, I just love it that our politicians like to compete on the so-called "family values" issue. They take these lofty stances on hot topics like stem cell research, abortion, and gay marriage. They get photo ops with children and invite the press to their choice of Sunday services. It's so nice that everyone likes to appear like they have and support family values.

I guess they all have these great values in theory, but when it comes to investing some real money in families that need it, leaders on both of the aisle seem to fall short.

This year, the state of Connecticut's Department of Mental Retardation can only fund post-grad programs for half of our state's 270 graduating seniors, leaving many families at a real loss at the end of June. Imagine the achievement of 135 of these graduates being tainted by the fact that their families now have to scramble to make a plan for their children after graduation. In some cases, parents fear that they will have to quit their jobs.

Family values? I guess it only sounds good when campaigning for office.

CT Residents: If you read this post, please take five minutes to email your state representatives to help get this funding restored.


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