Monday, May 14, 2007

Outrage of the Week

Newt the Brute

Okay... I don't have all the details on this one. I was enjoying another wonderful hour of The Diane Rehm show this morning with guest Newt Gingrich. All I know is, the hour was going along in the congenial and professional manner that we admire in Diane. I missed about 15 minutes and when I returned, it turns out Newt left the show before the hour was over.

Of course, I don't have all the facts yet. Of course, the show takes an hour to archive so I cannot listen to it yet. But what kind of brute leaves The Diane Rehm show in the middle of the hour? She was, of course, "annoyed" at the former Speaker of the House. Anyone that listens to the show could testify to the professionalism of its host. Even my NPR hating friends on the right have to admit that Diane is the consummate lady, always respectful of her guests and objective when it comes to both sides of the aisle.

Why would former Speaker Gingrich leave? If he couldn't handle The Diane Rehm show, what on earth can he do? Sad, just plain sad. For answers, you'll just have to listen to what went down with Newt the Brute.

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AA said...

Imagine if he became the GOP nominee. Imagine if he were...president. Imagine if he had his temper tantrum with world leaders. Maybe he would just...hang up on them. You go get 'em, Newt.