Thursday, July 26, 2007

Clinton vs. Obama: Round 1

Clinton vs. Obama: Round 1

On Furball tonight, there was a knock-down, verbal thrust and parry between Clintonista, Howard Wolfson, and Obama-not-the-Mama media director, David Axelrod. Imagine that: for just that segment of time, Tweety got over his Republican fixation to have two, count them, two top Democratic strategists on the same, f*cking time? Let's not get too idealistic: we all know that Tweety will do anything to feed his sick and twisted Hillary-in-leather fantasy.

Anyway, the representatives were there to defend their candidates in the wake of the YouTube debate in which Hillraiser scudded Obama by calling him "irresponsible" and "naive" on agreeing to meet with lunatic leaders like Castro and Chavez. Shit, we would should be more worried about the f*ck-nuts running this country rather than the woobies running others, don't you think?

Wolfson, who resembles an extra from Goodfellas, Casino, The Departed or all the aforementioned, appeared calm, cool, and homicidal. Axelrod, in contrast, looked disheveled, dirty--quite frankly, and in desperate need of a dose of Ritalin to sit still in his chair for a nano-second or two of the segment. Both responded to Tweety. Both indulged Tweety. Both allowed Tweety do what he does best--start a fight with everybody except the mountain troll in leather, Mannn Coulter; he seems to allow that hermaphroditic creature to do whatever and say whatever "it" wants--not that there's anything wrong with hermaphrodites.

In short, Wolfson annihilated, gun-down, nuked the shit out of Axelrod and the Obama team. The whole time, Axelrod seemed off his axle, speechless, baffled, and generally lost. And I sort of felt sorry for him and for Obama. Not good.

For this round 1, Team Clinton won.


IC said...

The leader can take take bites when the leader smells blood. She doesn't have to take chances. This was easy pickens. This might be the first of several examples that shows Obama isn't ready for a national campaign.

sptmck said...

The idea of "smelling blood" is fascinating.