Sunday, July 22, 2007

Meanwhile, in AfGONEistan

Meanwhile, in AfGONEistan*

Things are only getting worse. The Taliban has re-emerged big time. They are not only tailgating on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border, pledging to the Osama Not Been Found terrorist fraternity club, they are also alive, killing, and kidnapping inside Afghanistan as well. So much for American-backed governments during Bush’s War on Terror. Do yourself a favor and check out David Reiff’s great piece “Policing Terrorism" in The New York Times Magazine to see why Bush has been wrong and John Kerry was right—well, you know--on dealing with terrorism.

Just this week, the Taliban kidnapped and killed a German. They also kidnapped a group of South Korean Missionaries, prompting South Korea to pull out the few soldiers that contributed to Chimpy’s better-known, King Kong fantasy, “The Coalition of the Willing.” And speaking of fantasies and delusions, the least said about the record-breaking Afghanistan poppy trade the better. Perhaps things will change after Chimpy had his colonoscopy and five deferment Dick was President for a day--NOT!

*For more about AfGONEistan and the world of Chimpy and some laughs, check out Reconstitution 2.0.


Anonymous said...

It is so true that Afghanistan has completely fallen off everyone's radar, but is still a hot bed of activity, for lack of a better word.

My brother-in-law is part of a Special Forces op and went to Afghan. right after 9/11 and re-upped for that deployment every time he was due for his to end... until a few months ago. He is a dedicated, career military man ( and happily marrried) who is out there giving it is all, but he said "enough is enough - we aren't doing what needs to be done to get rid of the Taliban completely".

I have had former students go there and, fortunately, come home alive. No disrespect to their sister and brothers fighting in Iraq, but there is just as much crap going on in Afghan. as there is in Iraq.

Someone at the helm needs to wake up and smell the coffee or the US is doomed to make the same mistake the USSR did there no too long ago.


sptmck said...

Thanks for your comments!

JollyRoger said...

This is only the beginning.

That same Taliban is on the move in Pakistan, where the nukes await the victor in the race to dethrone Busharraf,