Friday, July 13, 2007

Report Card Iraq: The D- Average

Report Card Iraq: The D- Average

We all know that grade inflation plagues the American education system, from top to bottom. Yes, folks, they inflate grades and student progress everywhere from the hallowed halls of Yale to the colorful romper-rooms of a kindergarten near you. This is why it has come to no surprise that the Bush administration is obviously inflating the “grades” on the progress report in Iraq.

As a trained secondary and college level educator, let me break it down for you: the report claims that 8 benchmarks have been assessed with a “satisfactory” mark; 8 benchmarks have been met with an “unsatisfactory” mark; and 2 benchmarks have been marked with a mix—whatever the hell that exactly means—of “satisfactory” and “unsatisfactory” assessment. Reminder: these marks are NOT on our troops and their incredible performance, dedication, and endurance. No—these marks are on the American-backed government. And folks, they aren’t good. It’s real simple: if you have 8 passing marks + 8 failing marks + 2 mixed marks that equals at BEST a D- average. We all know what a D- average means in grade inflated America: a glorified failure.

POST SCRIPT: The Los Angeles Times reports that the grade is more like a 50. Grade inflation--I know, I know...I'm guilty as charged.

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