Monday, March 05, 2007


NOTE: Taking a cue from Connecticut Local Politics, I've enlisted some other bloggers who will contribute on a regular basis. ATM, my better-half and soulmate, will blog on Mondays. Her blog is entitled "Outrage of the Week." As you probably can tell, we were both big fans of the now defunct CNN show The Capitol Gang.



“The Only Thing We Have to Fear is… Dem-Fatigue”

In the space between asleep and awake last night, I had a fleeting thought of dem-fatigue, probably inspired by our Sunday night routine with The Chris Matthews Show. Yet again, Hillary and Barack constituted the main subject of the panel. Frankly, I am sick of questions like “Are we ready for this or that?” Maybe we need to consider if we are ready to move on to talking about the 2008 campaign with greater depth, a new direction, or even really throw the discussion of some of the other players into the mix.

Then, before falling asleep, I checked myself. Is this just outrage for the sake of it? Am I overreacting like the woman in one of those anti-depressant commercials from a few years ago?

Nope. It’s Monday morning and my local paper is talking about the fact that Hil and Obama were not “arm-in-arm” in Selma yesterday. (For those of you that are interested, she was holding her husband’s hand instead). And no, I am not kidding you about the hand holding.

I’ll admit it: In this fear factor era that dismissed the color-coded alert system as quickly as it adopted it, I am afraid. I fear dem-fatigue. Don’t get me wrong; I am all about media exposure, but the relentless superficial focus on Hilary and Barack is annoying me already… and I like politics. I am worried about fatiguing the other part of our populace- those that already hate politics. Will they hate it more as a result of this TV coverage? And, the greater question is, will they direct their disdain at the Dems because of Hil-Barack tidal wave?

Grade on the Outrage Meter: 6.5

ASIDE: As usual, NPR is being pretty balanced with their coverage of major and minor candidates on both sides of the aisle. It’s a nice place to treat those weary with dem-fatigue.


AA said...

Interesting==If only the conservative conference got as much attention as Hillary and Barack, then maybe things would have been fair and balanced.

Anonymous said...

Yes, NPR that balanced, never liberal, source of news...

Femme Fatale said...

Rock on sister! As always, you speak the truth.

Gave this piece a shout out in my WTF is Ann Coulter doing entry. As sptmck would say "Stunning"

Hope all is well and keep the faith