Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Weekly Presidential Politics - 3/7/07

Wednesday's guest blogger is IC, a colleague of mine, a fighting liberal, and a fellow blogger. Check out IC's blog, Presidential Politics for America, for more about the contenders for 2008. For those of you interested in sports, be sure to visit his sports blog, Around the blog.

Well, it's my first of hopefully many weekly Wednesday short posts here at 1% More Conscious. In order to get off on the right foot, I'd like to ingratiate myself to you readers by doing you a favor. Please enjoy my inaugural post. ( Presidential-like...possibly foreshadowing the subject matter of my contributions?)

Save the Suspense: Democratic Primary Results Determined

That's it. It's over. I've saved people the trouble of voting.

What do I mean? I mean we can stop worrying ourselves over who will be the next Democratic nominee for President of the United States. The Hillary vs. Barack debate, as ATM did a great job outlining on Monday, is starting to become old hat, and we're still nine months away from the Iowa Caucus!

If you are also getting heavy eyelids from the pendulum of weak volleys between Camp Hillary and Camp Obama, let me recommend that you stop taking the time to think about who's winning. Are you tired of the analyzing, examining, synthesizing, figuring and anatomizing? That's why I'm here. And I've figured it out. I know who's going to win, and almost as important, I know why they're going to win. The best part is, every small development that happens now doesn't even matter.

Our good friends over at Wikipedia have recently updated the 2008 Democratic Primary schedule. Remember when Nevada made a splash by getting the DNC's approval to move up in front of New Hampshire? Unbeknownst to most, that was the single most important occurrence of the last year in this race for the Democratic nomination, even more important than that picture of Obama in his bathing suit. (Sorry ladies, no hyperlink for you!)

The scheduling of the primaries plays an enormous role in determining presidential nominees. Enormous. Three things affect the nomination process more than any other: Money, geography, and the media. And if you can spin any two of those in your direction, the third becomes irrelevant. The most a rival could get is the one remaining.

Thanks to scheduling, one Democratic candidate has two of those in his favor. That's right. His favor.

And it's not Barack Obama.

Next week, I'll reveal how the 2008 Democratic Primary will unfold. See you then.

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Kyle said...

Well, let's see...Biden's got the African-Americans AND the Indian population all in a twist, plus he relies mainly on fundraising. Add in the fact that Delaware provides a support base totaling 7 people, and he is 0-3. ABC news recently withdrew it's coverage of Kucinich, and his finances are nothing spectacular. Since Ohio is a swing state, that gifts him 1-3. Dodd...forget about it. I bet you're talking about Edwards. Or Richardson. But probably Edwards. South Carolina has an early primary (along with Iowa, in which Edwards is in the lead), and North Carolina follows on Hyper Tuesday. Plus, the former VP has got plenty of media coverage. I wonder if I'm right....