Monday, March 12, 2007

Outrage of the Week

No Child Left Behind?
by ATM

I know that the immigration debate can be a very polarizing issue. Quite a few discussions at my own kitchen table could get very heated should I choose to “go there” with a few friends of mine. The information that compels this blog is not new, uncharted territory; it’s just a recent, unfortunate chapter in how legislation can really screw the American family. And yes, I say American family fully acknowledging that the varied sum of its diverse parts might be comprised of illegal American immigrants with American-born children.

There was a raid in New Bedford, Mass. last week at a factory that, get this, manufactures gear for our military. Of the over 350 workers that were seized in the raid, more than half of these workers were shipped to be detained in Texas and New Mexico. Same raid, different day and different city, right? Probably. What originally outraged me was the number of children left behind by their parents- leaving siblings, relatives, friends, social workers, and city officials scrambling to meet the child care needs of these kids. I was even more incensed to read that an infant was hospitalized for dehydration because her nursing mother was being detained.

This goes on all across the country leaving hundreds of children without their parents. A few years back, a student in my community college class shared a similar experience; members of my class were indeed in disagreement as they represented one of our country's many divisions of thought- as both “sides of the aisle” have not come into consensus on the so-called “immigration issue.” As it currently stands, federal law does not allow for the consideration of such families in matters of deportation. Hopefully, our Congressional leadership won’t waste too much time waxing poetics on this one; idealistically, you would think that someone powerful is out there advocating for these kids and their parents. As a compassionate citizenry, we have to do better than this.

Rage-o-meter: 10


Anonymous said...

No kidding. It's amazing how people don't think these decisions through--just get rid of them, just invade a country, just let the people in New Orleans fend for themselves, just let the country go down the toilet.

IC said...

Right on. What does "family values" even mean anymore? Is it anything beyond "say your prayers?" Why not broaden the term to these types of issues?

Femme Fatale said...

I heard about/read this story as well. It is ... stunning... and again, where do the "powers" in this case get their logic. I hopefully will have a post on the new medicare ruling which ties into the same deranged type of thinking.

Two thumbs up for the column ... A big raspberry for the idiots that performed the raid