Thursday, March 29, 2007



I would like to encourage all Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton in your primaries. As a Republican she isn't a candidate that scares me because I assume that people will soon see through her double speak and recognize that she has no opinions of her own. She is hoping to win the election by spouting out whatever she thinks her audience wants to hear. Take immigration for example. Three years ago she suggested that national id cards might be necessary, and she frequently claims to be adamantly opposed to illegal immigrants and those who hire them, but just this month she claims that the quest to rid our country of illegal immigrants would lead to a police state and that would allow"at least some of the estimated 11 million undocumented workers to earn citizenship." As the Washington Times notes, however, "she shied away from specifics." Clinton does not want to be tied to any position.

In the 21st Century a reasonable place to look for a candidate's position should be his or her website. John Edwards' site might not have the breadth of coverage one would hope for in a future leader, but he spends pages outlining his position and giving bullet point lists of how he will achieve his goals. Sam Brownback is less in-depth within his position statements, but he outlines his positions on 13 different issues. Now look at Hillary's site. If you get past the flash ad seeking campaign contributions, you end up on a home page littered with more money requests. The closest the site gets to articulating her positions is if you scroll to the bottom of the "Newsroom" page; here, as well as scattered throughout the site, are speeches and articles one could read to get a vague notion of Hillary's whims for the week. Why is she afraid of an organized section where viewers can read her views? Could it be that she's afraid that next week the views posted might not be politically advantageous?

So please vote for Hillary Clinton in your primary; there is no way she'll make it to the White House, and Republicans won't mind an easy fight.


IC said...

I hear you, Kindel. She's got one eye on the primary and one eye on the general.

But my goodness, wait until you see her money (March 31, April 1).

JollyRoger said...

Ain't gonna happen. If you think those of us on the left aren't well aware of Hill's inability to form an opinion, you'd be mistaken.

Hill is for all of her opinions before she's against them.

Anonymous said...

you're joking of course.. the republicans running are the least palatable group of candidates I've ever seen.. EVER.

they'd lose running against the spoiled carton of milk in my fridge.

get real.

atm said...

Sure Kindel-

Only if you, in turn, promise to vote for "America's Mayor."

Anonymous said...

Hey Kindel,you freaking ROCK!!! Down with the Hill!
You are a political genius.