Monday, March 19, 2007

Outrage of the Week

A Corporate Sacrifice?

Those of you that live in the southeastern CT area probably share this week’s outrage. It was reported last week that the Pfizer CEO earned a 3.3 million dollar bonus last year. A nice accompaniment to his 10 mil salary (this includes that base pay and stock options, of course). While lots of us see friends and family members scrambling for new employment during Pfizer’s latest corporate shuffle, it’s nice to see that the CEO is sacrificing along with the rest of them.

This one is so obvious and so close to home that our blog host and I actually bickered over who had the rights to this news tidbit. In a funny and insightful draft of the Dolt’s House, sptmck raged on about this one. Hopefully, he’ll share his humorous outrage in a comment for us. (And yes, I am referring to the “pull down menu”).

Rage-o-Meter: 8.5

Additionally, I encourage you to read the entry from our former student AR- it certainly qualifies as a 10 on the Rage-o-Meter.

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Femme Fatale said...

Totally understand re: Pfizer. Remember lsa tyear when our friend "The Mayor"'s mom thought she would have to take a job in NYC?

She lucked out, but others haven't. I have friends that now have 2x the responsibilities b/c of layoffs. No one wins but the "Fat Cat'" who is just getting fatter.

See post re: AR in his posting

PS It was lovely to see you the other day - a wonderful, unexpected surprise :)